Start a GoFundMe

CaringBridge has partnered with GoFundMe to help the many people that are experiencing the financial burden of a health event. Create a new GoFundMe, or add an existing one, to raise funds for all parts of your health journey—even things outside of healthcare costs—and easily connect the fundraiser to your CaringBridge site for easy access and shareability.

Coordinate a Meal Train® Page

Many families using CaringBridge also use Meal Train to coordinate generous offers of food at times when home-cooking isn’t a possibility. So CaringBridge has partnered with Meal Train to make it easy for CaringBridge users to create or access a Meal Train calendar though their Ways to Help page.

Order Groceries with Shipt

As it’s not easy for patients and family caregivers to get the shopping done, CaringBridge has partnered with Shipt for ordering and delivery of groceries and everyday essentials in areas where the service is provided. CaringBridge users can create Shipt shopping lists from their Ways to Help page; a Shipt account is not required for those who wish to pay for the order.

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