That's me, before becoming the Bionic Woman!

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It seems Alain and I have become rather used to taking advantage of this Caring Bridge site.  So now it's my turn to be the patient, but after what Alain experienced, this will be a walk in the park.  As most of you know, for the past few years I have experienced pain in my right hip and the past year it has become gradually worse.  So Dr. Shelby Carter to the rescue - I was originally scheduled for surgery on August 5th, 2019.  (Dr Carter is rather popular.) Last weekend I was offered a cancellation appointment on the 25th of February and now all the ducks are in a row and it will be happening at 11.30am on that day!  St Davids's hospital is where the magic will happen and I will be spending one night, or possibly two.  I'm grateful to be living in such extraordinary times (well from a medical point of view that is!) Alain and I will keep you up to date as I slowly become the Bionic Woman!