Tatum Miller

First post: Feb 20, 2018 Latest post: May 23, 2018
Hi my name is Tatum Liv Miller, I know i'm only 12 days old however I have big plans such as skiing mountains , running rivers , and being an all around bad to the bone girly girl. When I was born I was diagnosed with Pierre Robins Sequence which is putting my big plans for this world on a temporary hold. Pierre Robins Sequence is a few things: its starts with a recessed mandible, then leads to a tongue thats developed further back in the mouth, and then follows with a cleft pallet. By the time im a year or two old you wont even know this all happened and ill just be stronger from it. Here in the Madison Children's hospital NICU they call me superwoman because i'm an otherwise healthy little girl and im ready to fly away with my mommy and daddy.  Please take a look below for updates on my progress of becoming even more of a superwoman than I already am.