Susan Meckelson

First post: Jan 28, 2020 Latest post: Apr 1, 2020
Back in October mom had her regularly scheduled mammogram with abnormal results. Later, a biopsy confirmed breast cancer, but not a recurrence of what she defeated back in 2011. Further testing has shown additional masses in her lungs. The status of those masses is still unknown, but a biopsy will be performed Monday, January 20th with results to follow within a few days. The results of this biopsy will inform the treatment plan moving forward (we’ll update that here once we've confirmed the plan with her doctors). 

Naturally, we all want to help in any way we can. Here are the “three pearls” we got from Sharon, mom’s oncology nurse.
1) Become a good hand washer. Literally, hot soapy water for 30 seconds. In the words of Sharon, “what makes you think I want your butt grease near me?!” But for reals, proper handwashing is step one in keeping mom healthy! 

2) Zero exposure to secondhand smoke. This includes tobacco and marijuana, regardless of the vessel, including vapes. 

3) Most importantly, only talk about mom’s cancer when she brings it up. Mom is focused on keeping a positive mindset. Good vibes only, please! 

The three pearls aside, we’ve set up a Go Fund Me page ( where donations can be made. In an effort to be as aggressive with treatment as possible, we’re seeking second opinions and treatment options and will need to cover travel, lodging, etc. In addition to those costs, her out of pocket expenses have doubled (compared to last time) since she's retired and her insurance has changed. To get the latest info on treatment and what we know, check here first. If you feel inclined to text or call, please only do so with words of encouragement and love. For now, she’s not in need of meals being delivered but if that changes we’ll update here. 

We’ll update information here as frequently as we can, but especially as we reach important milestones. You love her, we love her, let’s all be her support team and spread love and positivity 🦋💕