Alexander Richards

First post: Oct 4, 2011 Latest post: Sep 15, 2022
Alex was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia October 2, 2011, diagnosed with AML and Monosomy 7 October 31, 2014, relapsed March 18, 2016 and relapsed again May 16, 2018.  He was on a 38 month treatment plan and 3 years into it the chemotherapy caused his second cancer.  Alex did a very intensive treatment that required 1-2 month stays in the hospital received a bone marrow transplant February 15, 2015 from his sister Julia.  13 months later, he relapsed. went through the intensive treatment and a peripheral stem cell transplant on May 20, 2016 from his Julia again.  His third relapse came two years post transplant and again Alex is getting intensive chemotherapy and when he gets to remission he will need another transplant.  He is withstanding all of this like the champion that he is and remains my biggest hero.  His body is amazing the prayers everyone is sending his way are being heard.  Alex is a warrior and WE WILL WIN THE BATTLE AGAINST CANCER!