Robert Gracia

First post: Jul 4, 2021 Latest post: Jul 17, 2021
To whoever this site may reach we would like to first off introduce you to our father, Robert Gracia. This is Robert; father of 3, brother to 6, grandpa of 2 and uncle & loved to many. One of the kindest humans you will meet, rather a friend or a animal he always has a soft spot for people

On the morning of June 25th Robert suddenly collapsed at a routine doctors appointment. His body underwent cardiac arrest and was thankful revived by first responders & was rushed to Legacy Emanuel where his care began.

Anyone who knows our dad knows his health was nothing that was ever easy for him but for the last 12 years it has been one of his biggest accomplishments, even so in the past month he has told all of his children “I’ve never felt healthier in my life”.

Our father has a very rare, unknown blood vessel disorder in his brain. Doctors have said that for over a decade the blood vessels surrounding his brain have been weakening & thinning and on that morning of June 25th the unimaginable happened as they bursted causing a massive bleed, with our fathers history of being on blood thinners - this was a not great thing to happen.

We are about a week out from the initial date and are happy to say that with few ups and downs with his vitals - he is stable. Long term prognosis of dads health is something that is still being determined. What we do know is that it is going to a be a long haul. In a short couple weeks he will under go surgery to place a permanent shunt in his brain and long term will need lots of rehabilitation.

We are making this GoFund to support our fathers healing process and anything in between. No donation is needed but feel free to check back on this page for any update on his care. All we asks if that you keep our father in your positive thoughts & prayers.

To all who have reached out thank you, and apologies to those we have not yet been able to respond to.

Our father is a fighter and we know he will get through this; thank you,

Jenna, Jeremy & Jessica Gracia