Marshall Patten

First post: Mar 6, 2020 Latest post: Apr 24, 2023
Where we are:
What started as simple knee pain, has now become diagnosed as osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

The beginning:
February 4th, Marshall had a visit with a sports chiropractor who we thought might be able to assist with some knee pain he had been having. This doctor requested an  X-ray of his knee to make sure there weren’t any structural issues. A week later the X-rays were taken, results were inconclusive, requiring us to get an MRI for more detail.  The MRI was ordered and took place on February 19th.  Only a few hours following the procedure, we received a call confirming he had a tumor and they wanted us to meet with a team at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.  

Friday, February 21st, we met with his oncology team, at the MACC Fund Clinic at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee, to learn more about what this might be. That day, we were informed that he had a soft tissue mass, as well as, a bone lesion in the top of his right tibia. Our next step was to have the masses biopsied the following week, as well as, have additional testing and scans done. 

Tuesday, Feb 25th, the biopsy was performed and a follow up meeting was scheduled with his oncologist for that Friday.  Friday came and along with it, the confirmed diagnosis of osteosarcoma. The team presented our treatment plan. He will have 10 weeks of chemo to start, followed by surgery to remove the mass and re-stabilize his knee, followed by 20 more weeks of chemo. 

Thursday March 5th, his port to receive the chemo was surgically implanted and his treatment officially began.