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The year 2017-2018.
My hands are hurting so badly, I can’t function. Proceed to make an appointment to see a hand specialist. After lab test and X-rays, the doctor proceeds to inform me that my arthritis is on the move. After four injections of cortisone shots in my fingers, he sends to to a hand therapist.
Two months later after intense pleasurable manipulation and therapy, I was feeling wonderful. Now I start with my next journey with the pulmonologist for therapy for my C.O.P.D. I am happy and getting healthier. I learned how to breathe again and have a better quality of life once again.
In January 2018 I began bleeding. I proceed to the doctor, have a physical and many lab test performed. I was informed that I had a bladder infection. Two months later after many additional lab test were performed and several antibiotics administered, I decided to change doctors.
My current doctor performed a physical and ordered a pelvic ultrasound. The following results came back that a biopsy was to be performed. Never in my life was I to prepare for the news that would come back. I was diagnosed with cancer. I had a malignant uterus. I was then scheduled for my first of many appointments to come with the oncologist. A handsome Brazilian with a beautiful smile and great bedside manner performs my exam and scheduled a CT scan to determine the size of the tumors and the safest option for removal. At this point today we have determined it is an aggressive tumor and surgery was emmenant.
I have lost my joy with how wonderful my therapy had made me feel again. But I am grateful I was able to go and have some temporary relief and enjoy life again.
After having four joint replacements, a lumbar fusion from spinal stenosis, and vertigo, I felt I could take on anything that came my way.
I have cancer!
Cancer does not have me!
I am a fighter, but I need all the prayers and support I can receive with what lies ahead.
Love to all my family and friends ❤️