Jodi Goldberg

First post: Mar 2, 2020 Latest post: Jan 5, 2021
As many of you know, I am facing the difficult diagnosis of lung cancer. Not what I would have expected, not what I would have believed even just a few weeks ago. 
My spirit continues to be positive, and is going to give every fight in me to live a long and happy life. I want you all to know that my soul is every day nourished by your love, your words, your prayers and your offerings. I am overwhelmed with the reminder of how much love is in my life. Wow. What a gift. 

On Monday March 2, I will be having surgery to get this out of my body. I am believing it will be gone after the surgery, that is the hope. Because of my blood and some other medical things, the surgery and recovery time may extend about a week if not more in the hospital. Please hold me in your hearts for this time, and post as much love as you want on my Facebook wall or on here. I will spend moments I can reading your words, and use them as daily food for my heart. Thank you for this ahead of time. 

My family is taking my phone away for a bit. I need to rest, and I need to recover. They will post here all major updates. Please be sending all of your loving thoughts our way. 
At some point we will organize a food chain, and please if there are any urgent messages, contact my loving dear friend Dennis who has offered to take on this role. His number is 805-705-9435. 

I am forever grateful for this beautiful life I live, and plan to heal with the grace of all the gratitude I feel. 
May my rock, Johnny G, the love of my life, and my children and grandson know how much I love them, and how lucky I am every day to be held by their love. 
May my community hold my family as well. We all need an army.