Jennifer Gardner

First post: May 4, 2018 Latest post: Sep 23, 2019
When life gives you lemons, you made some fucking lemonade. I got handed a big bag of lemons on 4/27/18 when biopsy results confirmed what I thought was not even a thing for me- breast cancer. WTF. But wait, there’s more.  Shortly after that phone call my domestic partner/best friend/significant other/lover/baby daddy, Shane, in a true made for TV (This is Us) moment, picked me up from work, looked me right in the eyes, told me we are in this together and proposed! (....lemonade! Everywhere!)

When my milk supply dried up around Larkin turning 6 months old, I noticed a pretty prominent lump in my right breast. I figured it was a milk lump and didn’t think much about it until my friend ,who is 1 day older than me with a son one month older than Larkin, was diagnosed with breast cancer. I tried to work the lump out like I had previous milk lumps. When that did nothing I scheduled a mammogram & ultrasound. Based off the results of the mammogram I had a biopsy done.  I received the call that the biopsy confirmed the lump is cancer and there is cancer in the lymph node also.  The treatment plan is 18 weeks of chemo and then potentially a double mastectomy & reconstruction and radiation. 

It’s weird and surreal and devastating. This is now my reality and it is what it is. My goal, and I LOVE a good goal, is not only to live and survive but grow and thrive. I am on a journey to not only pound the fuck out of my cancer, but also heal my body. I believe in the power of vegetables! In every challenge & circumstance, there are nuggets of wisdom and opportunities to bring us to our higher self. I am open to receiving these gifts. The Universe is calling and I am listening.  I am healthy, powerful, and blessed beyond measure. So far, I’ve learned that people are gracious, kind, and good. More so then I thought possible. There is insurmountable love and support around me that I didn’t even know existed. THANK YOU.