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First post: Sep 24, 2019 Latest post: Feb 11, 2020

Welcome to Jeff’s Prayer Warrior CaringBridge website!    

Jeff suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke (this occurs when weakened blood vessels rupture causing a brain bleed) on Friday, September 13, 2019,  while driving his children home from an orthodontist appointment.  By the grace of God, he was able to get his car safely to the side of the road.  He was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, but upon seeing the severity of his case, they immediately airlifted him to Banner Hospital in downtown Phoenix where he underwent immediate brain surgery to alleviate the softball-sized amount of blood that pooled near his brainstem.  They gave him about a 10% chance of even surviving the surgery.  Jeff is in critical condition and remains hospitalized in the ICU.  Jeff is fighting hard and has sporadically responded within the last few days.  He has opened his eyes, squeezed them tight and even most recently, wiggled his toes and fingers.  These are huge successes and God continues to sprinkle miracles all throughout this difficult time.  Kempa and the kids remain strong and faithful.  Your prayers, love and support remain what they need most! 

In addition, a PayPal account has been set up on the Burd's behalf.  Jeff had recently changed jobs and was primarily getting paid on a commission basis and their new health insurance had not kicked in yet either.  As most of you can imagine, bills will be piling up.  This would be one area of need that if any of you  are able, a donation - big or small, would be of great use. (
(Please be sure to use this link to donate to the Burds.  If you click on the CaringBridge donation link, your money will go towards CaringBridge.)

On behalf of all of us that love this family, we appreciate your prayers, encouragement and support.