Holly Siverling

First post: May 6, 2021 Latest post: Apr 20, 2023

Welcome to Holly's journey, this new chapter in her life has been titled 'Hellraiser Holly's Warrior Road' because we anticipate nothing less than a warrior fight from our Hellraiser and as her fellow hellions we need to keep her steady on this road ahead! If you know her or even if you don't you will quickly learn she has a passion for all that's genuine,  she is a committed to her family and friends, her quick wit will bring you laughter, she's rather mischievous, her tenacity is contagious and don't get in her way when she makes up her mind  because her determination and relentlessness does not take to losing kindly.   

 In February 2021, Holly went to the doctors for a regular physical and left with a clean bill of health, bloodwork looked great and there was zero reason for concerns. Within six weeks of that visit Holly noticed a few lumps in her left breast, they were growing rapidly, and she knew something wasn't right.  

On April 20th, 2021, Holly received biopsy results that confirmed breast cancer. Holly's original diagnosis was HER2 (Estrogen and Progesterone negative) metastatic breast cancer but  biopsy's from an additional mass  has revealed that she has a second cancer, ER and PR positive breast cancer (HER2 negative).  An MRI on her back was returned with the all clear! After consultation with the oncologist the cancer is below her chest wall which makes it stage 4, however the cancer is confirmed to be confined to her lymph nodes and will be treated as stage 3. 

Chemo started May 13th, 2021!  

All you need to know about Hellraising Holly: 

1.   Holly loves animals. If they are breathing, she is talking, hugging or feeding them treats. 
2.   Travel is Holly's favorite past time. 
3.   Holly is a foodie but loves the dinner company as much as the food.  
4.   The beach is her happy place.
5.   Holly's favorite color is pink, in all shades.
6.   Holly loves CrossFit and half marathons, is reenergized after a good hike and finds solace out on her kayak. 
7.   Plants are life and her newfound hobby.
8.   Brody and Milo are her furbabies. Brody is 16-ish, blind, a treat monster and incredibly loved. Milo is three-ish, a rescue, obsessed with getting his hair done and a bit neurotic but his spunk and Holly’s patience make it a true love story.
9.   Barb and Holly are besties. Holly is Barb's legal guardian and they spend their Sundays eating out or staying in putting together puzzles. 
10. Why Hellraiser Holly’s Warrior Road?

As most of you know or experienced, Holly's passion is nothing less than intense and she can raise some hell when she needs to.  Whether that hellraising is used smashing goals and getting stronger or being dedicated in supporting her family and friends. Our fierce Warrior is going into the battle of her life and she needs her allies to walk this road with her, so let's support Holly as she gives cancer hell!