Donnie Lawson

First post: Aug 1, 2018 Latest post: Nov 15, 2018
In the late afternoon of July 16, 2018, Donnie and his wife, Tammy, were sorting fat heifers for their Tuesday appointment at the processors. One of the heifers came at Donnie and threw him several feet into the air. He landed on his left shoulder, whipping his head against the alley pavement. He was knocked unconscious for several minutes.  With the help of the Thorntown/Sugar Creek Fire Department, Thorntown Police Department, Boone County Sheriff's Department, and Witham Emergency Ambulance, he was taken to St.Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. Donnie spent 11 days in the ICU, 7 days at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana and is now at home working to return to his farm and community responsibilities.