Clara Moshenko

First post: May 1, 2020 Latest post: Jul 28, 2020
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Clara was born with a condition called Congenital Giant Nevus which requires excision of the Nevus due to risks of developing cancers and other complications. The earlier they remove the Nevus, the safer it is. At the same time, the skin is more pliable at this young age making it easier in some ways to begin the process. 
Removal of the nevus is a very convoluted and lengthy process that has several steps..The first step is to insert expanders which are silicon balloons that expand slowly with a saline solution, in order to grow new skin, so that when they cut up the Nevus, there is new skin to replace it with. 
What happened this week, is that she had the first surgery where they placed 4 expanders surrounding the Nevus in her back, so that they can start the process of creating new skin to then do the replacement of the Nevus. She had the surgery on Tuesday, April 28th, and has since been in  Los Angeles children Hospital. She was supposed to be there just overnight, but has had a difficult time recovering from the surgery.
The reaction to the expanders has not been as easy as expected. She has experienced a great deal of pain, and is very uncomfortable, In addition, she has developed an issue of  thrush  in her mouth and battled some dehydration. medication. We are hoping that she starts eating and drinking normally on her own. We can't take her home until her pain is under control, and she is drinking and eating on her own.