Casey Welch

First post: Oct 19, 2018 Latest post: Jan 28, 2019
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Casey had a sudden onset of double vision around October 10.   After some doctor’s visits Casey went to Children’s Hospital on October 18 for an MRI.

Unfortunately we learned from the MRI that Casey has a 1.7”x1” tumor in his brain (left cerebral hemisphere, parietal lobe), as well as a 2.5”x1.7” fluid filled area around the tumor.  We are in the ICU now.  We will be at Children’s until he undergoes surgery to remove the tumor, and test the tissues, so we can understand next steps.  Good news is he’s not experiencing any effects from the tumor besides the double vision at this time, and it sounds like the tumor is in a ‘favorable location’ for operation, and sounds like tumors that present like this are more often benign than cancerous (no promises).

On October 19 Casey will have a cerebral angiogram.  A catheter is inserted into an artery in the leg and threaded through the circulatory system to the brain.  This allows doctors to capture images of the brain and the tumor, and may allow doctors to block blood flow to the tumor in advance of the surgery.

Casey will undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor early next week.  Exact day and time is TBD.

Casey has been in good spirits.  He has no symptoms other than double vision.

We are confident we are in great hands at Children’s Hospital.

We will update this site as we learn more.