Cannon Eisenmayer Cannon Eisenmayer

First post: Jun 14, 2021 Latest post: Jun 25, 2021
On Wednesday, June 10, Cannon (10) went in for surgery - a very minor, planned surgery. After he was put under, the doctor noticed the left side of his abdomen was distended. She immediately cancelled the surgery, and told Amanda she thought there was possibly a mass. He was transported via ambulance and underwent imaging where they found a massive tumor (probably cancerous) on his kidney - 15 cm and encompassing his kidney entirely. They then went for further imaging and found more spots on his lungs. He will undergo a surgery in the next week and the entire kidney and tumor will be removed. There will be potential further treatments after that. As you can imagine, having your child diagnosed with something like this is scary, stressful and well, unexpected. Let’s alleviate stress by offering support where we are able - financially, with meals, in the home and with childcare needs. Let’s rally to support the Eisenmayer clan ♥️ Please click “ways to help” to see how to best offer support.