Beth Rainwater

First post: Oct 27, 2019 Latest post: Dec 31, 2019
Her story actually began in June of 2018 . We had just sold the house to move in with her in-laws . And start building a new house added on to in-laws house. She was so excited never had nothing brand new like this . So all the fun of getting to plan and design something of her own. But we had also moved to take care of my father. Who was battling liver cancer. But everything was going as planned. We had started the new house. Was getting excited about the holidays.  
  And in October she developed a cough just thought the seasons changes probably just a cold. So after a couple of months with cough hanging on. She went to the doctor  . She had noticed a swollen lymph node. No worry doctor gave some antibiotics . But after a few weeks nothing changed they did a scan of her neck area to check. A P.A. actually saw something in the corner of one of the scans. And said to just be cautious she ordered a lung scan. And wanted us to see a cancer doctor to be in the safe side. We made thru the holidays. Then in January our journey  began. We got the news she had stage 4 Lung cancer . We were broken but also knew God was in control. And since then we have not given into that. He still in control. We lost Dad in July he fought a great fight.and in the end the cancer didn't get him. He went like he wanted. But this is our journey this is Beth's story and How God has put us on this journey . Where we can share our day to day journey and everything God is doing in our life's. The ups and the downs. The marvelous God we serve. I say always we love you and are praying for you too...