Steven Baggett

First post: Aug 20, 2020 Latest post: Apr 11, 2022
PLEASE READ: We are not seeking monetary donations for the Baggett family. The "Tribute Donations" are strictly donations to The only thing we are requesting from anyone is to consider giving blood or registering for bone marrow matching if you feel inclined to help. Detailed journal post below. Thank you.

Since July 23rd Steve's has gone from being a bit unwell, to being diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  A very rare and aggressive form of Lymphoma.  The standard of care for it is called hyper CVAD treatment. It involves a 3-4 week ( best case scenario, could be longer) hospital stay followed by 3 weeks off then repeat that process a few times until his body is ready to accept a bone marrow transplant. This is the only  path to remission.  The expert in the field is Dr Tabbara at George Washington University Hospital.  We saw him Monday and I admitted Steve there yesterday, Wednesday, morning. 

It has been an exhausting journey and the few of you that were aware have supported us through it in amazing and humbling ways.  All of my energy has been focused on getting the "Love of My Life" to where he is right now. You may be aware that technology is not one of my strong suits, and years ago the kids and Steve forced a cell phone upon me. Steve loaded some contacts onto my cell phone.  He entered his cell number and labled himself Love of My Life. Funny to the fellow who showed me how to use Bluetooth in my car and something we laugh about, but so  very true.

Our family is strong, we've received a tough blow, but we know where we are headed and positive we will fight this fight together and win.  Steve has the toughest road ahead.  Being out of control is completely new ground for him, if you are lucky enough to know him well, you will understand this. This journey we are on is a marathon, not a sprint and we know we have just begun.

Please know we are gearing up for this fight.  Steve, myself, Daniel, Erin, Natalie & Sam are all struggling to stay strong, eating  and sleeping when we can because  we know we need to be strong.  Our sweet granddaughter Amelia is blissfully unaware of why she hasn't seen her beloved GP (Grand Padre) since the beginning of July. 

Steve has under gone many things recently, including 3 COVID tests...all negative. I am isolating myself physically so that our home and I will be safe for him when he comes home in 3-4 weeks. He is, and will be immuno compromised for a long time. 

If you are a spiritual person please pray for us all.  If you aren't just send positive thoughts out into the universe.  If you are a person of action, do something kind for someone.  Please consider donating blood or registering to be a bone marrow donor if you are able and willing to do so. A bone marrow transplant for Steve is our path to the future we look forward to.