Renae Carlson Baby Peterson

First post: Jun 18, 2019 Latest post: Jun 28, 2019
Here is where everything started with Baby Boy Peterson. Be sure to read the first post for updated information. First at my 30 week Prenatal Visit Dr. Melissa Miller at St. Lukes found that I was measuring at 32 weeks instead of 30, so she then requested a growth ultrasound to make sure baby wasn't growing too fast. At the ultrasound appointment Dr. Miller reported that baby was growing just fine and is in the 45th %tile. The Radiologist referred them to see a specialist at Essentia because he saw a "double bubble" on the ultrasound which is a sign of Duodenal Atresia. 

So Chase I were seen at Essentia in Duluth by Marijo Aguilera, (a doctor rounding from the midwest fetal care center) where we had another ultrasound that was about an hour long. Dr. Aguilera's findings were in fact the same as what the radiologist thought he was seeing. Here is what Duodenal Atresia is: During normal fetal development the duodenum- the upper part of the small intestine- remains unobstructed, allowing contents from the stomach to flow freely through the baby's digestive tract. Duodenal atresiais a condition that occurs when a portion of the duodenum doesn't form. This condition results in a blockage that stops food or fluid from leaving the babies stomach. Duodenal atresia can be an isolated condition meaning no other defect or condition occurs with it, but it is also common in infants with down syndrome. About 1 in 3 babies born with duodenal atresia has down syndrome.  You can read more about Duodenal Atresia here:

So then Dr. Aguliera informed Chase and I that Baby Boy Peterson will have to be delivered in Minneapolis and have surgery shortly after birth to fix the blockage and then spend 2-3 weeks in the NICU at Children's Minnesota. Dr. Aguliera also informed us that Duodenal Atresia is not always an isolated condition and that babies with it often also have Down Syndrome or Heart Defects. This also means relocation to the cities at 37 weeks because if possible baby will be delivered as normal/ natural as possible. Baby now will have weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests to monitor how things are progressing. We had an appointment at the hospital in Minneapolis on Monday 6/17 to meet the entire team that will be taking care of us. We will be able to continue appointments at Essentia in Duluth until 37 weeks unless anything changes in our conditions.