The CaringBridge Experience

We've made it even easier to connect and communicate on every CaringBridge website. Thanks to your feedback and support from our generous donors, we’ve created a site that’s easier to navigate, especially for mobile phones. These features make it easy to get updates and support your family and friends.

Introducing CaringBridge Resources

Story telling has always been at the heart of CaringBridge. Our new Resources section covers topics like Caregiving, Conditions, Stories, Wellbeing and a bookshelf of people who have written books based on their CaringBridge website.

Preview of the Ways to Help page

More Ways to Help

We’ve made it easier for the person you are following to share their story and ask for help. Each CaringBridge site author can choose to activate tools on their site to help delegate tasks and let you know what they need and want. For example, you may be able to contribute to a personal fundraising campaign, or offer help for other requested tasks here. When you don’t know how to help, this section will give you instructions straight from your loved one—no second guessing.

Preview of Well Wishes

Thoughts & Well Wishes are the New Guestbook

The Guestbook was renamed to Thoughts & Well Wishes, but the sentiment stays the same: this is your place to offer words and photos of encouragement. The Photos section is now called Gallery.

Preview of the Redesigned Journal

An Improved Journal

The Journal is at the heart of what CaringBridge does. Improvements in the display make it easier for you to read, comment on and heart other people’s comments. We also added a more visible “Follow Site” button so you can opt in to automatic emails alerting you to new updates on your loved one’s site.

Comment on a Comment

Now, when someone comments on a Journal update, anyone can respond to that comment.

A New Page: How It Works

Learn about the top features of a CaringBridge website and how it can make a health journey easier. View the How It Works page.

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Your experience is important to us. Send us your suggestions and feedback to let us know how we can make your CaringBridge experience even better.