Employee Spotlight

Christine Mages

Volunteer Engagement Manager

Christine manages the enthusiastic community of volunteers and supporters at the Amplifier Hub. The online community, first launched in June 2012, is place for CaringBridge enthusiasts to connect, share, and align their passion with our mission. Today, over 2,000 Amplifiers across the globe help spread the word and volunteer, helping us amplify love, hope and compassion.

Since CaringBridge began in 1997, people with powerful site experiences have been inspired to give back, but it wasn’t until recently that there have been so many ways to get involved—no matter where you live or work. The Amplifier Hub is a really unique and impactful way for supporters to motivate one another to do good. Christine’s team ensures that we offer inspiring stories, and ample volunteer and engagement opportunities, trainings and resources so that Amplifiers are fully armed to share CaringBridge with the people who need it most.

Christine grew up in a rural town of about 3,500 people in Minnesota called Sleepy Eye. She says, “Our claim to fame is that we were often mentioned on Little House on the Prairie. I moved to the “city” (Minneapolis) to attend the University of Minnesota and haven’t left since.” She loves spending time outdoors near the lakes in the warm months and traveling everywhere and anywhere when she gets the chance.

Aside from day-to-day encounters with an extremely committed group of co-workers, Christine says that other favorite aspects of her job include meeting hundreds of inspiring people that volunteer and share their stories at the Amplifier Hub. “Each day, I am humbled by them. So many are in the midst of or have overcome extreme challenges as either a patient or a care giver, and are so insightful. Their number one intent when they come to the Hub is to help make others’ journeys a little easier and my team gets to help provide the means for them to do that. Yep, I have a pretty cool job.”