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My Story

Our precious son, Daniel Cleburne Reeves, was diagnosed with leukemia on April 30, 2007 when he was six-years-old.  As I lay sleepless next to Daniel's bed in room 7926 at Carolina's Medical Center that first night, the one verse that stood out in my mind was Psalm 119:68 which says, "God is good; and what He does is good." Our hope is in Him.

Trusting in God’s sovereignty, Lee and I view this season of suffering in our lives as an opportunity to mature in our relationship to Christ Jesus and to grow even closer together as a family unit. I recall when a nurse came into Daniel's room the Sunday night after we were admitted and told me, "You know, God will not give you a burden greater than you can bear." I disagreed with her. That is actually not a biblical truth. The Bible says that God will not allow Satan to give us a temptation beyond what we can handle, but there is a tremendous difference between a burden and a temptation. If He did not give us a burden bigger than that which we could handle, then we would not have to depend on Him. This leukemia is bigger than us. But it is not too big for our Lord.

I’m constantly asked how we came to Daniel’s diagnosis. Prior to my April visit to the emergency room in
Charlotte, Daniel had been having leg pain accompanied by fever and headaches off and on for about a week. I fed the fever some Tylenol and had excused the leg pain as common "growing pangs" until their persistency led me to take him into the Lake Norman ER at 1:30 AM. The on-call physician thought Daniel might have Rocky Mountain spotted fever and put him on antibiotics. The next day was pain-free and I decided to run some errands. As I drove to our local Christian bookstore to order two copies of Dr. James Dobson's When God Doesn't Make Sense for friends recently diagnosed with cancer, the Lord's providence had me in my car at the exact moment Dr. Dobson was interviewing a father describing his son's "severe leg pain" before his leukemia diagnosis. On that Saturday night, Daniel's leg pain recurred with greater intensity. After hearing the “Focus on the Family” radio interview the day before, I sensed that something serious may be going on with our little boy. Before we left for the Pediatric Emergency Room at CMC early Sunday morning, Daniel and I were in the bathroom and he asked, "Mommy, we've been praying for an hour that Jesus would take my pain away. Why hasn't He done it yet?" I replied, "Honey, God is making you into a champion and it takes time to build a champion."

Isaiah 26:8 declares, “Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.” Lee and I invite you to witness the Lord’s unwavering faithfulness to us on a daily basis as you read this journal. Our purpose is for Him to get the glory. Daniel will continue to receive chemotherapy through 2010. We cherish your prayers for our family.







Tara Reeves posted a new journal entry, "Au revoir".

Greetings from the Reeves Five!  We thank you for your continued prayers for our family and I’m pleased to report Daniel is doing great.  We did have a bit of ... Read more

Miss Linda signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Hello dear Daniel, I hope this lil note finds your whole family happy and healthy.I tried sending mom an email but it wouldn't go through. I guess shes changed it. Its ... Read more

Mary Thompson signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Dearest Tara,God is good all the time...All the time, God is good!We are so thankful to God for healing your Daniel!What a celebration of God's faithfulness to answer ... Read more

Nancy Evans signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Dear Tara,  I am very thankful to hear that Daniel continues to do well, PTL! Love, Love your latest picture posted on CB of the Reeves Five!  It is Beautiful!!I have ... Read more

Brenda Johnston signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Good Morning Reeves Family, I am so happy for Daniel and his healing!  I am thrilled that I will be able to follow you on Remember Your Raisin!  You just don't know how ... Read more

Jan England signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

+Praising God for Daniel's continued recovery!  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey.May God continue to bless you all.In Christ's Love,Jan Read more

Judy Ratchford, Peninsula Baptist member signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Praising God for Daniel's healing.  When I started praying for Daniel a long time ago, I had no idea my 41 yr old brother would battle a rare form of non hodgkins ... Read more

Jill Tweedy signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

Oh Tara ~ So wonderful to read this good news...and that a new chapter begins in your life. I will be following that one too! Thank you...for sharing your family and your ... Read more

Doreen S signed Daniel Cleburne's Guestbook.

I have always enjoyed reading your entries on Daniel's health and your family. Your family are such strong Christians and I learn a lot about how I can live my life ... Read more

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Tara Reeves posted a new journal entry.

The carpool line shortened, and I could see Caroline and Daniel anxiously awaiting my arrival.  Our firstborn was the first to hop in and fasten her seatbelt. She looked ... Read more

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