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Gifted by Sherry & Bob Guth

“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves.”

Gifted by Shannon Wingrove

“Jeremiah 33:3, Blessings, Shannon”

Gifted by Pat & April Saverance

“In Honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves”

Gifted by Mr. John G. Rahie

“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves and his devoted family.”
Mr. Jim McWhorter

Gifted by Mr. Jim McWhorter

“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves. God bless you.”

Gifted by Brenda M. Johnston

“The Reeves family is loved & respected.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of the magnificent Reeves family!”

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lund

“God's Blessings for Daniel Cleburne Reeves”

Gifted by Brenda M. Johnston

“Tara is an inspiration to me!”

Gifted by Jennifer L. Mason

“Collected coins from Mrs. Mason's kindergarten class!!”

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