Honor Daniel Cleburne

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“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves.”

— Sherry & Bob Guth

“Jeremiah 33:3, Blessings, Shannon”

— Shannon Wingrove

“In Honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves”

— Pat & April Saverance

“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves and his devoted family.”

— Mr. John G. Rahie

“In honor of Daniel Cleburne Reeves. God bless you.”

— Mr. Jim McWhorter

“The Reeves family is loved & respected.”

— Brenda M. Johnston

“In honor of the magnificent Reeves family!”

— Anonymous

“God's Blessings for Daniel Cleburne Reeves”

— Mr. & Mrs. Craig Lund

“Tara is an inspiration to me!”

— Brenda M. Johnston

“Collected coins from Mrs. Mason's kindergarten class!!”

— Jennifer L. Mason