Understanding Your Website Visitors

Seeing who has visited your CaringBridge website can be enjoyable, and helpful. Based on author suggestions—thanks if you were among those who made recommendations—we have made it easier for you to know who has stopped by, and ways they have participated in your health journey.

Depending on the amount of information you’d like to see, and how you might respond, here are a few ways to view your community of support:


Number of Visits

At the top of your homepage, under your name, the number of visits to your website updates, in real-time. Reminder: The total number of visits since your website launched is usually different than the number of your individual visitors.

As your number of site-visits grows, you can feel the power of love, hope and compassion!

Visitor Details

There are three ways to navigate to your “Visitors” page, where you’ll see the names and email addresses of your visitors, and when they last stopped by:

A. On your homepage, under your name, click on your number of visits.
B. Scroll down your homepage and click “See who has visited your homepage.”
C. Click “Site Settings” on your homepage, followed by “Visitors.”

Click on a visitor’s email address if you’d like to communicate privately.

Website Activity Reports

Some authors prefer visitor lists organized by category. You may create a number of spreadsheet-format lists by clicking on “Site Settings” at the top of your homepage, followed by “Site Activity Reports.”

It’s easy to see who stopped by, who sent Well Wishes and who commented on your Journal.