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Welcome to our CaringBridge website for Hannah. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We greatly appreciate everyone's support, words of hope and encouragement, and most of all prayers for complete healing. Thank you for visiting our page.

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Journal entry by Mindy Poland

Hannah's day started early with sedation for her bronch procedure.  They suctioned out one mucus plug from her lungs/airway and decided not to size down her trach today.  The doctors think they will be able to completely remove her trach by early next week, so that news really excited Hannah!  She was supposed to receive the first injection of Bortezomib (a chemo drug for the antibody issue) today, but they have put that on hold for now due to her testing positive for the B Cepacia bacteria.  I think I mentioned yesterday that the B Cepacia bacteria had returned and was in her blood again. I apologize because this information wasn't explained to me in detail and my update yesterday was a little inaccurate.  She does have B Cepacia again, however it's not in her blood, it grew from a sputum culture.  Because it's in her sputum and not in her blood, the doctors are less concerned about it, but are still treating her with a cocktail of strong antibiotics for 4 weeks.  She received her last plasmapheresis treatment today and they removed the IV or catheters from her neck that were used for that. 🙌  Tomorrow she is receiving the 2nd infusion of Rituximab which is the chemo drug she received last Saturday to help combat the antibodies in her plasma.  She had some more PT to strengthen the muscles she hasn't used for 6+ weeks.  There were some videos and pictures of the nurses helping Hannah to stand up for a brief moment.  You can tell from her facial expressions that it is very painful and a struggle.  I'm so proud of her for persevering and pushing through the pain each day to exercise her muscles and build her strength back up.  It's got to be frustrating when your body physically can't do simple things that you have done your entire life with little thought or appreciation (like standing, walking, turning over, sitting down, standing up; and not even considering running, jumping and other things Hannah did as a surfer, cheerleader, basketball and soccer player).  She will eventually get there though; I'm sure of it!  She also has tried more foods now and is able to eat most things, however, her tastebuds are still a little out of whack.  She didn't like mashed potatoes, or mac n' cheese (WHAT?!), but she did like a vanilla Frosty, some chicken soup, and a peanut butter cracker.  She is unable to eat lettuce for 6 months due to the risk of bacteria from produce that is not cooked.  There are a lot of precautions like avoiding fresh produce that Hannah will have to abide by (especially in the first year) to avoid contracting viruses or bacteria from having a suppressed immune system.  Thank you all for continuing to cheer her on, for sharing her story and for blanketing her in healing prayers!  Your support and love through all this have been amazing and shows that no one battles alone! 

"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” ~ Genesis 28:15

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