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Journal entry by Joe Hollowell

Good evening,

Thank you so much to all of those who have been keeping Father John in your fervent prayers today. We are delighted to report that Father is doing very well this evening and came through the surgery in outstanding condition!

His neurosurgeon, Dr. Parny, said that the surgery went well. He found substantial infection under the skull but was able to clear it all out. Dr. Parny did determine that there was a need to inject antibiotics into the brain cavity below the skull but did not need to go directly into the brain itself. This will allow Fr. John's recovery to be more likely to take place in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.

Fr. John is in the hospital for a few days until he is well enough to be out on his own again. He has already regained movement of all of his extremities and he is talking and thinking clearly - much different than 5 weeks ago. Dr. Parny is prescribing an intravenous antibiotic regimen lasting anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. We are not exactly sure when radiation can resume. That will depend upon John's recovery to the point at which he is strong enough to once again receive the proton beam radiation.

Dr. Parny said that John may have a few minimal setbacks from his ongoing recovery but there will be no need for rehabilitation and they are expecting Fr. John to be released in the next few days so that he can then return to the hospital on an outpatient basis to start the antibiotic IV.

Our family cannot thank you enough for the prayers and encouragement. We were all stunned to find that Fr. John needed to go back for more surgery. His recovery had been going so smoothly. As I was walking today and praying about the whole situation it occurred to me - probably through the leading of the Holy Spirit - that the recovery of anyone who has suffered the trauma of sexual abuse is likely in for a lifetime process of recovery from such a traumatic event. It is not a cross that any victim asks for. They deserve and need our prayers if some healing is to come to the world through our petitions and sacrifices to God. It seemed as if God might be indicating to all of us that the healing of victims will need our continuing attention, prayers, and support.

Thank you again for the prayers and encouragement. Come Holy Spirit! 


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