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Oct 25-31

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     It is time to give everyone a quick update on Don's progress since his brain surgery in late October. The short version is that he is doing great. He is getting out and working with the dogs and involved in lots of writing projects.
     We are both getting re-aquainted with winter weather, icy roads, and sub-zero temperatures after spending most of the last several winters in southern Arizona. We have had to stick pretty close to home until we get the 2 thumbs up from the neurosurgeon. We are hoping that will happen in mid February.
     We have been getting some duck hunting in. We have made a couple trips to central WA and had fun getting back into more waterfowling. I get to shoot ducks and do the lifting and Don manages the dogs.
     We are hoping to get to warmer places in late February and March. A trip to the Professional Bowhunter Society Gathering in Missouri is on the books for March as Don will be the Saturday night speaker.
     We also just booked an exploratory fishing expedition to Cuba in May. This a destination that has been on the bucket list for a long time so we are excited to get this party started!!!

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