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May 09-15

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"What I've learned..... Cancer teaches us that living is a verb.  It s an action word.  Living is seeing, doing, feeling, saying , touching, smelling , tasting.... It is climbing and it is occasionally falling.  It is not a waiting word.  Don't wait to live until you have accomplished a desired outcome - start right now !  Grab every minute of living out of each day.  If you do , you will realize that every day well-lived is like a miniature lifetime..."
     I have been home from Mayo Clinic for alittle over a month now !!!  It's amazing how quickly time flies... I am feeling stronger each week - I am so eager and anxious to feel " normal" again.... it's crazy how MUCH you miss " normal" when it's taken away from you.... Don't ever take your day to day routine for granted - embrace NORMAL ❤️
     As I am feeling better - I have been "tipping my toes in the water" at the salon and going in a few hours a few days a week... Mornings are good for me - by afternoon I'm am alittle fatigued, so I usually rest. I'm learning to follow my body's lead. 
     I will be returning to Mayo on Oct 2nd for another bone marrow biopsy ( 100 days from the Transplant) -that will determine if I am in remission or if the cancer is still hanging out.... I feel strong and confident- I truly feel the cancer is gone.... really the only two reminders I have of the multiple myeloma is the aches and pains in my back (the broken vertebrae are healing, but it's a long process) and when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning and I see my shiny bald head...the wigs are fine - but they are hot and heavy - but this too shall pass !!! 
     I want to thank all my family, friends and clients who continue to support Marty and I.  This past 10 months of our lives has been an up and down rollercoaster, but the constant support and prayers from so many people has helped us get through this journey... I'm looking forward to getting back into my " normal" life... it might be " a new normal" but that is OK - bring it on !!!  God Bless ❤️

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