Kathy Berge|Feb 28, 2019
This is fascinating and I am so glad Berkeley is doing well! But why did the diet change help??

She is a strong kid and has such an impressive family
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Bobbie Moller|Feb 28, 2019
Could the higher carbs slowly be converting/releasing much needed sugars into her blood? So glad to see she is feeling better! Best of luck in Utah!
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Kimberly Joner|Feb 28, 2019
It sounds to me as if God has placed the perfect Grandma in the perfect place in perfect time! Thanks so much for the update. I love this family and will continue to be praying for continued direction in the week ahead.
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Jennifer Zaayer|Feb 28, 2019
This is wonderful news! Looking at all angles is so important. Best thoughts for Berkeley.
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Suzanne Dahl Lusk|Feb 28, 2019
This is super great news! Now to see what they say on Monday. Sending love to sweet Berkeley :)
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Joye Neff|Feb 28, 2019
AND Berkeley has a loving, caring, inquisitive, problem-solving Grandma who is wearing her "Super-Cape" to help Berkeley get well!!
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Marjorie Henseler|Feb 28, 2019
This can be an important piece of information for the doctors next week. I hope they can figure out the exact reason for what's happening and give everyone greater confidence in how to treat whatever this is.
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