7 Sweet Thank You Messages for Caregivers

So many lives have been touched by the love and commitment of caregivers. In honor of the annual National Caregiver Appreciation Month, we wanted to show our gratitude for those who provide care.

We asked our community to acknowledge caregivers for all their support and love. Here are a few of their thoughtful caregiver thank you notes:

“Thank you to our special caregiver, Amanda Tingle Taylor for the outstanding care she gives to our son Daniel Pierpont Taylor and their two daughters.”

Jane D. Taylor

“I was blessed to have a few caregivers. My sister-in-law Joyce, my sister Joyce and my long time prayer warrior friends.”

Betty Avila

“As a caregiver, I have been blessed by many clients. One time, I was going through a rough time at home, while I didn’t talk about it at work, one of my clients, who had a difficult time speaking, would stop me in the hall way, and say, “I’m praying for you.”

Bonnie Parle

“Robin Burkhardt Max was my caregiver through my journey with Breast Cancer. She was always there to support me and pushing me forward to fight especially at my lowest points. She is the most compassionate person I know! There are times I am not sure I would have pushed through if it weren’t for her!”

Denise Emmons-Person

“I would love to give thanks to my wonderful daughter in law Juanita Yarn for her love and care for my son Roger Yarn who is battling cancer. And to his son Mark for his transplant. God bless.”

Dot O’Neal

“My wife Anne Lorusso has been with me throughout my medical journey.”

Angelo A Lorusso Jr.

“During my four year battle with Refractory Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I was traveling alone to MD Anderson for an immunotherapy trial every two weeks. When I started dating my boyfriend, DJ Thompson, he insisted I couldn’t go alone anymore. To this day, he’s been by my every step of the way. I honestly don’t know how I survived so long without him. Thank you, My DJ, for the entirety of everything. I LOVE YOU!”

Paige K. Hickman

Other Ways to Thank Caregivers

Thanking care providers with words is one lovely way to show your gratitude. Additionally, you can show your appreciation with thoughtful gifts, like care packages, meals, child care and time off to recharge.

You can also show up for them spiritually by joining them at church or starting a prayer chain.

Sometimes, a gift can be what you don’t say. Avoid these common phrases and focus on words rooted in gratitude and empathy.

Who Would You Thank?

For the caregivers you know in your life, how do you show your appreciation and support? Share your gratitude in the comments!

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Mary Spansky Mar 15, 2020 12:54am
My sweet Alzheimer's patient HUSBAND passed away 2-1/2 years ago but I still send cards of thanks to his two main caretakers,, call them on their birthdays and try to treat them like family. They were very special people who took very loving care of one of the people in my life that taught me what love is all about. I loved these women. They were always there for him in his times of confusion and kept me informed daily of how his day was going.