26 Points of Light: Illuminating One Cancer Survivor’s Journey from Diagnosis to Remission

When a self-diagnosed shoulder injury turned out to be stage 4 lymphoma, Maureen O’Brien was reeling—and she wasn’t alone. Her entire community had to grapple with this devastating cancer diagnosis. But how should they reach out, and what could they do to help?

26 points of light book cover

“26 Points of Light” tells the story of Maureen’s diagnosis and treatment through her own words and the words of those closest to her. The book also includes excerpts taken directly from her CaringBridge page. This book is about the importance of caregiving and tells the stories of Maureen’s caregivers and support system through their own words.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by a critical diagnosis, this book will help you embrace hope and keep cancer remission in your prayers as you face the journey ahead.

In “26 Points of Light” the title refers to the people who are ‘points of light’ in Maureen’s life. They are 26 members of Maureen’s family, friends, coworkers, extended family, and even medical staff who offer their unique experiences of the journey they walked with Maureen. Each author writes their own chapter, sharing the knowledge and inspiration they gained along the way.

With its multitude of voices and perspectives, 26 Points of Light is a cancer caregiver book like no other. If someone you love has received an unexpected diagnosis, this book will help you deliver constant, crucial encouragement. And for those experiencing it firsthand, it will illuminate their true impact on others and remind them that they are not alone.

Looking back on her fight against cancer, Maureen has learned many lessons in her remission: that every breath is a gift, not to take your health for granted, but most importantly, she has learned that people make all the difference.

Maureen celebrated 5 years in remission in July of 2021 and she wrote and collected the stories for this book in celebration of that milestone. The was a lot from this period of her life that Maureen just doesn’t remember. Working on this book gave her the chance to piece her story together.

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— Book review by Aly Haugen, CaringBridge Staff