Camp Chemo: Postcards Home From Metastatic Breast Cancer

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By Camille Scheel

Camille Scheel began writing on her CaringBridge website in 2007, after being diagnosed, at age 38, with Stage III lobular carcinoma — breast cancer. (She passed away on Aug. 26, 2017.)

After multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation, she came to accept that the cancer isn’t going away.

She writes in “Camp Chemo,” “Cancer changed my world dramatically, but I still have goals to accomplish and ideas to explore. I know my future plans will unfold slowly and not always according to schedule. But today is a good day. My pain level is minimal. My mobility is good. I’m well-rested. A newly FDA-approved medication is keeping the cancer asleep. My husband and kids are healthy. Those are blessings to be celebrated.”

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