Maggie Grandrath Young, Blonde & Terminal

First post: Sep 22, 2019
Diagnosed at 29 with colon cancer. Still fighting at 34. This life is not easy, but I’m thankful for every moment of it. Time is precious and it seems to be passing so quickly these days . If I could stop time, just for a little while, I would find a way to hug every person that has helped me during this insane journey that is my life.

My story is shocking to some and relateable to others (sadly),
I’ll do my best to post and update so everyone knows what’s happening in my world. 

I always thought if I were going to write about my life it would be about becoming a mom or my amazing career or maybe even my Disney obsession, but I’ve been robbed of those things. Cancer came into my world and fucked all that up. 

Young, blonde and successful?  Young, blonde and ambitious? I wish one of those was the title I could use for my blog, but if I’m keeping it all the way real and not in denial about what’s happening to me then it has to be Young, Blonde & Terminal.