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After six successful years of windows 7 and couple of years of experiencing windows 8, Microsoft put all efforts in and launched windows 10 most powerful operating system.

Windows 7 was a great for Microsoft and still people are fond of using windows 7 due to the latest announcement from the Microsoft users are now upgrading their computers to windows 10. According to the announcement the support for the windows 7 will be ended in January 2020. The aim is to upgrade the users to the next generation of operating systems and leave the old technology for good. It was heard at the time of windows 8 that users are not appreciating the operating system so much in fact many users switched to windows 7 after upgrading their computers to windows 8. Noticing the behavior of users Microsoft created something users exactly wanted.

Windows 10 is a massive operating system, giving life to your computer might be small but it enhances the beauty of your desktop and offers more platforms to improve your creativity and increase your productivity. Many new features are added to the windows 10 but the October 2018 update just made things smoother. By the way if you are windows 7 or windows 8 user and want to upgrade your computer Xcentric Services allows you to buy any kind of Microsoft products. You can also check Xcentric Services website store for windows 10 price in Pakistan (https://xcentricservices.com/shop/windows-10-price-in-pakistan/) and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices (https://xcentricservices.com/shop/sql-server-2017-prices/).

Coming back to the new utilities added to the giant windows 10.

Your Phone App

The Your Phone App is introduced in the October update of windows 10. The app supports android users right now and that’s why iOS users are not happy but Microsoft is making arrangements with apple to collaborate so that iOS users can also take advantage of windows 10 fully. So the app allows its users to see the phone gallery on your computer and you can drag and drop gallery files to your computer simply. Users can also check their timeline on the app and for that you have to get signed in with the same Microsoft account on your phone and on your personal computer. Moreover, you can send text messages through the app.

Cloud Clipboard

The feature was lacking from a long time in the windows, with the new update cloud clipboard you can check all your previous copies. The clipboard is synced to the storage cloud from where the app accesses all the prior copies and recalls for you anytime.

Screen Capture

Some improvements are made to create a screen shot of your screen. Mac users were once proud of their screen capturing feature but now Microsoft is back to business. The old Snipping tool and print screen formulas are integrated to create a new interface where user can capture a screen and edit it. As addition you can use a digital pen because the app supports digital pens for editing as well and the captured screens can be stored to One Drive.

Stop Videos AutoPlay In Edge

For the marketing purposes and many more reasons, almost all websites allow auto play of videos. This sometimes creates a situation to tackle such tiny issues Microsoft Edge Browser allows you to stop videos auto play from the Edge setting and enjoy surfing internet.

Game Bar

The new game bar is improved app for the gamer so that whenever they enter to the game mode the windows will stop sending notifications or any kind of updates just to avoid disturbance during the game. With the app you can play and stream your games easily.

These were some most useful features of the windows 10 that were introduced with the 10th October 2018 update. Let me remind you that getting real Microsoft products on official prices is now so easy in Pakistan. Visit Xcentric Services Website Store and get Windows 10 price in Pakistan (https://xcentricservices.com/shop/windows-10-price-in-pakistan/) and Microsoft SQL Server 2017 prices (https://xcentricservices.com/shop/sql-server-2017-prices/). Moreover, if you are a businessman you can get your company Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make your work more systematic and authenticate.