In the time right before she became very sick. 
Her first international trip was a Caribbean Cruise!

Juanita Conway With Love- Juanita

Our mother, Juanita or as many call her, ”Nita”, is 45 years old and in need of a Kidney transplant(Type “O” needed for immediate transplant but all blood types welcome). She was recently diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure, functioning at 4%. She is currently on dialysis 3x's /week. We are reaching out to the world to find someone willing to donate a kidney to her.

Juanita is no stranger to fighting as she had to fight her way into the world from birth as a preemie weighing in, at 2lbs. After she birthed me(Shanita) she developed Gestational Diabetes that went away for 8 years until she gave birth to my baby brother. After that, all hell broke loose over her body. She developed high blood pressure and her diabetes was very difficult to manage, as it is also hereditary to our family. Over the years she has managed it all as well as she could with medication. As kids, we never had sweets or many carbs growing up because she didn't want the temptation or to pass along bad habits. Our mother also suffered from cardiovascular disease, in the midst of everything else, which took multiple surgeries and emotional roller coasters to manage. It seemed, however hard she battled, diabetes and her own body fought harder against her will to live a healthy life.

Needless to say this unexpected sickness has plagued our family with grief and anxiety about the future and what it holds for our mother. Our mother's courageous and relentless fight has led us to reach out to you, because she isn't done fighting and neither are we.

Our family lives in the Central Virginia area and our immediate support system consists of me-Shanita(28), my two little brothers, Dae'Shaun(25), KC(22) and a few family members sprinkled around Pennsylvania.

All support is welcome to our family as we navigate through this process together. We boldly ask you to open your hearts and minds and consider donating a kidney to save our mother's life. Juanita is only 45 years old; she has so much more life to live. A love-gift of your kidney to Juanita, would mean the world to us. A family member/point person can be reached at 1+804-223-2067 or via email at, for serious donations only. You can also reach our donor coordinator, Maureen Bell, at, via phone at (804) 628-0711, or by pager: call (804) 828-0951 and ask to page the coordinator with ID#6213.

However, we also know that, a kidney donation is not a light decision and not possible for all. If that person is you, we thank you for taking the time out to hear our plea. Any kind advice/sentiments or a share of our donor website( would also be appreciated.

With Love,

Juanita's Family

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