Bill Morrison

First post: Sep 26, 2021 Latest post: Nov 18, 2022
After months of progressing stomach aches, back pain and weight loss and after failing to find relief from multiple doctors,  Bill (and I) arrived at the ER on 8/29/21 looking for answers.  A CT scan showed  lesions to his liver, lymph nodes, spine, rib and pelvis.  Several days (and tests) later, an EGD (upper endoscopy) confirmed Stage 4 Stomach Cancer when a large tumor occupying approximately 30% of Bill's stomach was discovered. The past month  has been a whirlwind of tests, more appointments and lots of emotions.  Bill will begin 12 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and immunotherapy on Friday, October 1st and we are praying that he has a good response to treatment.  Although Bill is young and in good health, stomach cancer is a very stubborn disease and he is in for the fight of his life.  We've learned that stomach cancer only accounts for about 1.5% of all new cancers diagnosed in the US each year and very rarely at such a young age (40yrs).  Bill's oncologist informed us this disease was not a result of anything Bill has done, rather that it's likely just terrible luck.  Genetics could possibly play a role, however it is unlikely given that Bill has virtually no family history of cancer.  
Due to the physical nature of Bill's job, he has been unable to work since being diagnosed.  Lately, his days consist of staying on top of his stomach and bone pain, trying to eat (he has already lost 20+ pounds), spending time with our girls and staying positive. 

We will keep you updated to the best of our ability here on CaringBridge. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. 

Much Love,
The Morrisons