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First post: Feb 9, 2021 Latest post: Jan 3, 2022
At the young age of 19, Todd has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, which is an aggressive form of bone cancer. He's up for the fight, but the entire family will need our continuous support. 

His Story: Todd had been having some pain in his right leg around the outside area of his knee. He noticed it was especially uncomfortable when he played basketball or was physically active. The area became swollen with more discomfort. He went to TCO on January 26th to have it looked at before returning to his freshman year of college at the University of WI - Eau Claire. It was that appointment where they told him they believed he had Osteosarcoma and the testing began. A biopsy was completed on January 29th with results and the diagnosis being confirmed on February 2nd.

The Plan of Care: Todd will have a port placed in his right upper chest for the medical team to administer medications and approximately 3 months of chemotherapy treatments. He will be admitted to the University of MN - Children's Hospital for about 3-4 days, go home for 3-4 days, back for 3-4 days of treatment and the cycle continues. He will then have surgery to have the tumor removed. After surgery it will be another 4-5 months of chemotherapy with the same cycle of being admitted for a few days and then home for a few days.

Todd has always been active and played football, basketball and the family’s favorite -- baseball. He is natural leader among his peers and an admired role model for young kids throughout his athletic career and beyond.  We know without a doubt, that he will beat this.