Timm Wilson

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This was written 6/21/19

For those of you that don’t know yet Timm’s heart stopped on for 15 minutes, 6/18/19. 
They were able to bring him back.
He is stable once again.  This was caused by a hiccup in his lung bypass machine which has since been replaced and  is being monitored very closely.    It was the scariest 30 minutes of my life when no one was coming to tell me if my son was alive or dead.

They are currently keeping on his back for 16 hours then rolling him to his stomach for 16 hours to keep fluids from settling .  He is doing OK and there is not a lot of change to report.  His lungs, bronchial tubes and esophagus  still have a lot of dead tissue in them.  His doctors say it the worse case they have ever seen (and they have seen A LOT) but they are being "cautiously optimistic" and so we are trying to do the same.

Timm is fighting for his life every second of every day, so I respectfully and lovingly ask you to please not enter his room in the ICU.   The Neuro trauma ICU is a locked unit and you have to pick up the phone and request to be let in.  PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT! Come to the family lounge  which is to the left when you get off of the third floor elevators.  You will most likely find Kevin or I there.   If we are not in there,  please call us and we will come to you.  If you wish to see Timm we will take you back to see him.  His well-being and his struggles right now are of the up most importance.  We have had people going back to his room unannounced and then leaving the hospital without telling us they have been here.  It’s not a regular hospital room,  it’s an ICU with lots of machines and tubes and nurses and doctors in and out of his room 24/7.  He’s in a super critical condition, super fragile, and I’m hoping that by letting you know that he went into cardiac arrest on Tuesday it will sink in just how sick he is and that we don’t really want people in his room right now unless you are with Kevin or I.  Please respect these  wishes  and come find us or call us first. 

He is still in a drug-induced coma and under very strong paralytics to keep him from moving because that uses up precious oxygen that his body needs to repair itself.   The lung bypass machine his is on is providing barely enough oxygen to sustain him so they need to keep him as still as possible to keep him from using up any of that precious oxygen.  They are bringing him out of the paralytic periodically throughout the day to allow him to cough.  It’s not a cough like you or I know coughs, it’s more like a kind of shuddering or deep breath, but it’s bringing up some of that fluid and gunk in his lungs

They are talking about doing a tracheotomy on him (maybe is early as tomorrow) to help him breathe easier.