Tim Mametieff Tim’s New Heart Journey

First post: Sep 25, 2019 Latest post: Nov 12, 2019
Hi, my name is Adriana. My dad, Tim Mametieff, has been dealing with congestive heart failure for the last seven years. Back in 2012, my dad randomly passed out and was rushed to the hospital. That’s when it all started. He had open heart surgery to place an ICD (implantable cardiovascular defibrillator) on his heart. That device has been able to keep him alive for the last seven years. But now his heart has become too weak, and he is now living with a temporary Impella pump in his heart. It’s hooked to a machine and that’s what is keeping him alive at the moment. 

My dad has always been the one to go the extra mile for someone, even if it’s someone he doesn’t know. He cares about people and will help in any way, shape, or form that he can. He lifts the spirits of everyone around him with his 80s impressions and killer dance moves. He makes friends everywhere he goes. I look up to him immensely and love when people say that we are similar. He can make anyone laugh no matter what kind of day they’ve had. He’s the biggest “people person” I’ve ever known and will continually invest in people’s lives. He works so hard for our family and will do anything to protect us. No one in our family has ever been the ones to ask for help with anything, especially money. But now we need help more than ever.

The pump that is currently in his heart is keeping him alive. He can’t leave the hospital. The only permanent solution is a heart transplant. Not surprising, but heart transplants cost a lot. And it’s not just the procedure, but the cost of living in the hospital until a heart comes, living near the hospital for three months after the surgery, the gas for me and my three brothers to visit our mom and dad on the weekends. It’s a whole lot of stuff that adds up very quickly. We trust that the Lord will provide what we need; peace, strength, wisdom, and the funds to go through this crazy journey.

Linked in the “Ways to Give” section is our Go Fund Me, if you can donate, no matter the amount, we appreciate you so much. If you aren’t able to give, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We could use all the love we can get.