Tom Drake Thomas drake

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Early in the morning on Sunday the 8th, Tom slipped off of our deck and hit his head on the cement walkway. He was transported by ambulance to St. Joes hospital where he was admitted into the ICU for a traumatic brain injury. 

He received 8 staple stitches and was intubated. In the ICU they put him into an induced coma. He was diagnosed with two internal brain bleeds. He remained sedated and on a ventilator until Monday once the external cranium swelling decreased.  He was coherent and cooperative and able to come off of the ventilator on the first try.

As of Tuesday we are now out of the ICU and in a standard room. He only has spurts of wakefulness, and holds short conversations. Still in a lot of pain, and aware of the pressure in his head.  Several CT scans since arriving have monitored his TBI.  

MRI revealed a suspected stroke appears to have not taken place, but rather shows swelling and bruising. The bleeding is what they estimate to be at its highest today. The neurologist expects the swelling and bleeding to subsided in the coming days. 

Inpatient rehabilitation is planned for cognitive, verbal and motor skills .  Will keep you posted with updates as they happen. 

Later today, Tuesday the 12th, they decteted a decrease in his sodium.  They are concerned it may be CSWS (Cerebral Salt Wasting Syndrome) This is problematic because it increases the swelling in the brain, which can lead to other complications. They have moved him back to the ICU for now to keep a closer watch on his levels and receive a sodium solution.  They need to use a direct line, in his neck to inject the solution.