Mary&John Terry The Terry Family

First post: Feb 15, 2019 Latest post: Feb 26, 2019
The Terry family is currently experiencing some medical-related hardships, and we’d like to turn to the community to shower them with love and support. John and Mary are simultaneously each fighting a separate health battle at this time. As some of you may know, John had a successful liver transplant last week (yay!), and is currently doing well recuperating at a local St. Louis hospital. Unfortunately, during the time of his transplant Mary fell seriously ill with the flu, pneumonia, and strep. That infectious trifecta lead to sepsis. As a result, she’s experiencing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which is essentially breathing difficulties so severe that invasive medical equipment is required to breathe. It is expected that she will remain hospitalized for several days or even weeks. We would like to use this platform to provide updates for friends and family, and also to receive words of encouragement for them as well. We would be honored to share any sentiments left of this page with them. John and Mary love our community, and lets take this opportunity to show them the love is reciprocated!