Theresa Oxford Theresa Oxford

Theresa is one of the most caring, kind, gentle souls I know. She has a heart of gold and a faith in God that can not be shaken. Currently, her faith is being tested but she a remaining fearless, courageous and and faithful through this darkstorm. 

For many years Theresa has been struggling with her health and traveled far and wide to find answers to prayers. She has been suffering without answers but remainimed hopeful through the pain, treatments and tests. 

On Friday August 17 Theresa was admitted to the emergency room at Sierra Vista in San Luis Obispo. After an MRI, it was determined Theresa was suffering from a brain tumor.
On Sunday she was transferred to UCSF to help reduce swelling and prepare for surgery. Theresa went through a plethora of tests over the next few days, which were very tiring yet she remained positive, hopeful and trusted in God. 

On Wednesday Dr Jumper and his team in the neurology department at UCSF preformed a craniotomy to remove the tumor that was the size of a large golf ball located on her left side. Surgery was successful and Theresa was a total Rockstar and kicked this tumors butt! 

We will know more about the type of tumor and plans for the next steps in a few days after more testing. 

Theresa is healing going well and she is doing a little better each day but she certainly has a long road to full recovery ahead of her and her family. 

Donations raised will go directly to William Oxford, her devoted and loving husband of 35 years, for long term care of Theresa as she begins her healing journey. 

Please keep Theresa and her family in your thoughts and prayers and we navigate this journey together and stay fearless! 

We will post updates from time to time as well. 

Ashleigh and Sarah 
(Theresa’s daughters)