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First post: Aug 25, 2018 Latest post: Dec 12, 2018
Mary's Story, just like her heart, will go on!! (I know, corny reference haha).  Most of you know our Mom, and how calling her "an awesome, loving, intelligent, funny, and forgiving woman, walking the walk" does not do her justice. Below there are journal entries that start with the first news I is the news that our mom's strong heart needed an aortic valve replacement. The actual surgery went well. The risks were below 10% for a chance of a stroke. That 10% wanted us to be included. In other words, Mom had a stroke the night following her surgery. In short, it has left her right side unresponsive, and has reduced her speech to a few words. After 9 days in the cardiac icu, she had made slow but steady progress on her words. They are still limited, but she IS making progress. 

She checked into the Claremont Manor Care Center on 8/24. It is a good location, her primary care doctor does rounds there, and it is a lovely little campus. Unfortunately, she had a setback on Monday night 8/27, and we ended up back in the hospital.  She is currently at Pomona Valley Hospital. Contact me, Mike, or Rob to find out her current room number, though please know that she is pretty tired right now. There is an age requirement of 14 years, and the room is small, so no more than a 2-3 visitors at a time is best right now. 

They plan to send our mom back to Claremont Manor on Monday 9/3. We will update her room number on here at that time. Visitors of all ages are welcome there, and we hope you know that we WANT you to visit. It helps her. It stimulates her mind. She has already had her first physical therapy session with Debbie at Claremont Manor. It went pretty well, as did the speech and occupational therapy sessions. The visiting hours are flexible, but generally 10am-8pm is the best time. The rooms can handle 4-5 visitors at a time, and there is a nice patio to visit on as well.

 Please pray for her healing, and if you already have, keep doing it! She is making progress, slowly but surely. Oh and don't hesitate to send a card or the like because I am hanging them up. It is like a trophy wall of love since she is such a champion for unconditional love. 

Mom/Mary/Oma will have physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy once she returns to Claremont Manor. She has done some mild physical therapy and speech therapy at the hospital this time. We will enter updates on this page now. So, if you want to keep up to date, you can look at this page. We will put up frequent updates. You can also post comments to Mary, and pictures to share with her. She needs encouragement, stimulation, laughter, and signs of affection. I know we can all deliver in our own ways. I will show her all of the comments and well wishes posted. Once there is a heart next to it, that means she has heard or read your message. 

If you have questions please call or email me. 
818-900-3862 (my vm says Grayce, but it is me)

Thank you all again so much!

With the utmost LOVE and HOPE-

Maggie (Grayce), Mike, and Rob