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First post: Feb 17, 2020 Latest post: Mar 28, 2020
Hello Everyone, as most of you know Bill has been battling Pancreatic Cancer since  April of 2019. He underwent 12 rounds of Chemo and 3 weeks of Radiation and had great results. January 17th he underwent surgery to remove the tumor and had great success and is cancer free. On January 25th he was sent to ICU because of extremely low blood pressure and they discovered that he had internal bleeding so they did a ct scan to see what was going on. Coming back from CT he had a heart attack. They were able to revive him and they found out that his Hepatic Artery blew. He underwent surgery to stop the bleeding but in order to do so he lost the blood flow from that artery to his liver. He had multiple organ failure including his kidneys, liver, heart and lungs. He spent 3 days on a breathing machine and they had to do 24 hour dialysis for his kidneys, everything started working again, thank goodness!! after 11 days in ICU they transferred him down to the PCU floor which is Progressive Care Unit.  A step down from ICU which was great news. After a week on the PCU floor he suffered sepsis shock and was taken back to ICU for 5 days trying to get ahead of the infection he is fighting in his abdomen.  He has had multiple procedures to place drains and exchange drains so he has the best chance to fight the infection. We are back on the PCU floor but we have a very long road to recovery ahead of us. With no more complications we are still looking at another 3 weeks in the hospital and then he will have to go to a skilled rehabilitation for at least a month to get back to 100%. He is extremely tough to have made it this far and very lucky. We have been with him every step of the way and we will continue to be there for him. I will update this site so everyone can keep tabs on Bill. The doctors are cautiously optimistic that he will pull through and eventually get back to the life he loves.  Thank you for all the love and support through these really hard times