Suzi Crickmore Suzi's Tribe

First post: Apr 8, 2020 Latest post: Apr 29, 2020
In December Suzi started down the path that none of us ever wants to see those we love and care about go down. A routine mammogram revealed a very small tumor in her breast, and the subsequent biopsy showed that the tumor was cancerous. Since receiving the original diagnosis, Suzi's journey has become increasingly more difficult at each step, and she now faces a strenuous course of treatment that will include a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. If this wasn't enough, Suzi is navigating her illness during a terrible pandemic. 

Suzi has already received wonderful support from family and friends, but as her surgery and treatments progress, she will really need her tribe to rally around her. Please visit this site regularly to get updates on her progress, support her with words of encouragement and sign up to help with meal deliveries, rides to appointments, lawn mowing and whatever else she needs from us. There is also a GoFundMe link to help Suzi manage the financial stress her illness is causing.