Susan Lucas

First post: Jul 2, 2018 Latest post: Jul 2, 2019
Whoever has spent any time in the company of Susan knows what a truly remarkable person she is. She spends every day of her life making sure those around her feel God’s love. She is always the first person to offer to help others around her out.  Susan is an incredible wife to Rodney, mother and mother-in-law to Joshua & Jessica, Noah & Kayleigh, Elijah, and John, and grandmother to Cooper.

Susan’s cancer journey began in August 2015, with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Susan had been feeling uncomfortable and was getting sick, so she decided to visit the doctor. It was found that Susan had large masses on both ovaries, as well as in her abdomen. Surgery was completed and Susan then began her first round of chemotherapy. As expected, Susan experienced many side effects of the chemotherapy, but she relentlessly continued to pray and stay positive. In February 2016, after attacking the cancer for several months, Susan’s cancer numbers were considered low enough to no longer treat with chemotherapy. This meant that Susan could begin to figure out her new “normal” and what that meant for every day life. Up until this time, Susan has maintained a relatively healthy life, and had never worried about how her health might affect her on a daily basis. However, she had many things to look forward to during this time such as the wedding of one of her sons and the birth of her first grandchild. Susan went back to showering the greater Toledo area with bagels and God’s presence.  

In July 2017, Susan began to feel some of the same symptoms that she had originally felt, and it was revealed that the cancer had significantly spread with masses throughout her abdomen. It was a scary time for Susan and her family, as they got a taste of the true battle that was ahead of them. Susan was not eligible for surgery, as it was too widely spread through her abdomen and would not be safe or effective. She was also not a candidate for radiation therapy. Through the guidance of her doctors, Susan began another chemotherapy regimen that was a different combination than the first round. It was during this time that Susan was told the cancer would never truly go away, and that the goal would be to shrink or maintain the size of the masses, and keep them from spreading to the vital organs. Her body responded nicely to the therapy after several months, and she was able to eventually transition to oral chemotherapy. This helped her maintain a more “normal” lifestyle without having to go to the hospital every week for treatment. Susan enjoyed being able to travel to Columbus to visit her son in college, as well as watch her youngest son graduate from high school.

In June 2018, like previous times, Susan could tell that something was not right with her body. After a few tests, it was discovered that not only was the cancer throughout her entire abdomen, there was also a new large mass in her pelvis. Susan’s cancer was found to be gaining ground quickly. It was decided that she would start a new round of chemotherapy to keep the masses now found on her organs, from overtaking them. While Susan is saddened by the news, she knows she is ready for this fight. With God and her family by her side every step of the way; she will begin her chemotherapy at the end of July. 

Susan’s positivity is greatly encouraged by kind words and prayers from those around her. With all her loved ones and friends spread throughout the country, it has begun to be a daunting task for her to inform everyone each time there is an update to her health. Her family will be using this site to keep all of her prayer warriors and friends up to date with her battle. Please feel free to comment with words of support and encouragement for her to read along the way.