Jennifer Griffin Support for Jennifer

Jennifer Griffin is on a powerful journey with Stage III cervical cancer. She started an intensive radiation therapy schedule in October which will continue for two months, with external radiation out of the hospital and internal radiation in the hospital.

She and her family would greatly appreciate any help you can offer over the next couple of months.

Jennifer is mostly looking for people to come for 1-2 hour time slots to help with light household tasks, between the hours of 11am and 2pm, Monday through Friday, starting November 1st. If you can't come to the house, perhaps you could check in by text with Jennifer (510-228-9126) or Rob (510-706-6609) when you are going to the store, or offer to run errands or grocery shop.

Also, the family is accepting meals without any dietary restrictions, though Jennifer's 13-year-old prefers vegetarian (the rest eat meat).

Jennifer needs lots of time to rest and may be unable to visit with you when you come. As you know, Jennifer loves to talk with her friends but this is currently too exhausting for her, so please gently ask if talking is okay or not when you are there.

Please pray for a speedy and complete recovery with no side effects. If you are a part of a prayer community, please add Jennifer to the prayer list and ask others to pray for her.