Steve Hansen

First post: Nov 24, 2021 Latest post: Oct 11, 2022
March 2021-- Steve had quadruple bypass after feeling short of breath and lightheaded when returning home from his daily 3 mile walk
September 2021 -- Steve was diagnosed with esophageal cancer after months of worsening hiccups. Shortly after his diagnosis, a feeding tube was placed to ensure proper nutrition, since the tumor wasn't allowing food to reach the stomach. 
September-October 2021 -- Steve goes through chemotherapy and radiation
November 2021-- Steve has surgery to remove the tumor and esophagus
January 2022 -- Steve is declared cancer free and his feeding tube was removed
June 2022 -- Steve is diagnosed with cancer again in his lungs and stomach 
July 2022-- Steve's cancer is diagnosed as uncurable
July 2022 -- Steve makes the decision to end chemo and enter hospice at home
August 19, 2022-- Steve passes away