Sheryl (Sherri) Dunn

First post: Mar 11, 2018 Latest post: Apr 3, 2018
This page has been created for so that everyone can be a part of her journey.       Quick note...if you have chosen to donate please make sure that you go to the GoFundMe link.   While the CaringBridge tribute is a wonderful donation/organization that money is not directly sent to Sherri and Shauna for their needs.

Sherri Dunn and her daughter, Shauna Dunn, were in a tragic auto accident on Sunday, March 4th around 6 p.m.  They were traveling on Reavis Barracks Road and were rear-ended by one car and then t-boned by another…you may have heard about the accident on the news because it was so bad that Reavis Barracks had to be closed down for a couple of hours.  Sherri and Shauna were both rushed to the hospital in ambulances. 

Shauna had to stay the night in the hospital but was released the afternoon of Monday, March 5th with a broken bone, pretty intense bruising, a few cuts, some scratches and major soreness.   

Sadly, almost a week later Sherri remains in a critical but stable condition in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and will be there for an undetermined amount of time.  Sherri suffered a fractured skull, broken left collarbone, broken left shoulder blade, all the ribs on the left side were broken (some in multiple places and some were broken away from the spine), some broken ribs on the right side, broken pelvis on both sides, smashed spleen, damaged liver and punctured lungs.  Sherri immediately had to have surgery to remove the spleen and was put on the ventilator because she wasn’t breathing.   

Since the spleen surgery, Sherri has undergone surgery to repair the ribs…this estimated 2-hour surgery actually took 4 hours!  It is unclear at this time if she will require surgery on the broken pelvis.   

This sweet family is under the pressure of a future of massive medical bills from multiple doctors and services all while Sherri is unable to work and Glenn has taken off work to be with his wife.  Please keep them in your prayers and visit their GoFundMe page.