Shanna Rohde

First post: Jul 4, 2019 Latest post: Jul 5, 2019

On May 30th my daughter, Shanna, went to the hospital because her right ankle hurt.  They put a half cast on her, gave her crutches and released her with a "minor contusion".

My daughter got an infection, and after being in Banner Gateway Hospital for about 2 weeks she was transferred to the Citadel Post Acute Care facility in Mesa.

The infection ate away at her foot, ankle and lower leg. The hospital had to remove the infection and it took a lot of the flesh on her foot, ankle and lower leg.

She will be in a wheelchair and have a home health nurse checking on her 3x a week. She is attached to a Wound Vac to keep the infection down. Changed 3x a week.

Wed the 3rd. of July the Acute Care facility released her. She had no place to go. And we can't afford a hotel room. She has no income and can't work now even if she wanted to.

She will be in a wheelchair and unable to work, but she has AHCCCS.

She can only stay 2 days a week with me because of the rules here at the mental health facility I live in ran by Marc Community, and I’m in an upstairs unit. I'm trying to find her accommodations that are clean and safe and near me.